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A modest resistance in flux of space-time

eye050, Selected from my album ‘Thinking Eyeball’. 2010. Tokyo, Japan.
A modest resistance in flux of space-time, photo essay by Osamu Jinguji

My current work is not the result of simply taking photos.
It is to excise a precise cross-section of all times, spaces and emotions flowing in parallel with the other worlds on a subconscious level. It is to completely reproduce a part of my intrinsic poetry, as a lost piece of my puzzle, imparting a transmission of my life philosophy. With each photo comes a rebirth of my soul as another piece of myself and a reminder of my memories beyond a time and space, which would otherwise be forever lost in the many stories of my short life and its endless cycles.

Additionally, the subjects of my photographs, especially regarding my current and future worlds revolving in B&W, do not merely suggest that which is visible, but as much carry with them aspects of invisible. This tension between that is seen, and that is unseen suggests the infinite that I try to capture with my photography.

To put previous two paragraphs very simply, it is, while tuning or sympathizing with space taken gouge in the unconscious, one of which space-time with no boundaries, human consciousness, or invisible phenomenon, by pouring my interpretation, aesthetics, philosophy and soul in there, that make it revive as a part of my ego, consciousness or memory.

So, my current photo art style can be strictly defined as “BORDERLESS” (No Border), a word which encapsulates the following 7 concepts:
1. A renaissance of the soul
2. Symbiosis with all this world’s phenomena
3. The eternal conflict with time and space in the universe
4. Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence
5. Resistance against all invisible pressures
6. Warning against the hegemony of civilization, science and fashion
7. One love in Chaos

The origin of this short sentence ‘Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence’ is the following one of my basic slogans (catch-phrases);
“To beat my SELF, beat my CORE and beat my EXISTENCE. That’s my PASSION, my CHALLENGING and my LIFE. And…! That’s my ART & SOUL in this world.”

I believe that the essence of the arts including every picture is also a succession of “Creation and Destruction” in this world. At the same time, I make sure that their conducts and processes for creating every art are the works finding light, beauty or brilliant matters like “Hope”, “Dreams”, and “Faith” through the darkness, in the chaos, or in oneself like regret, failure or collapse and so on. “BEAT” in above slogan means to fight with my darkness on my short history in this world, win against them (or destroy each of them or leave from so called stereo-typed ideas or break out of my shell) and create the future as my “Only-One (unique/original)” art. So, based on that meaning, I don’t know yet which ‘PUSH’ or ‘BEAT’ is correct.

Finally, here is my simple philosophy for living on in this world and for taking photos;
“Everything is in flux and nothing is permanent. No one can stop the flow of time. So, the act of me taking pictures in an instant is a modest resistance of just that.”

GinzaI25, Selected from my album ‘Mirror of Silence’. 2010. Tokyo, Japan.
Road#018, Selected from my album ‘Fighting Road to The Sun – The time has come for ENERGY-SHIFT’. 2011. Tokyo, Japan.
Time3#003, Selected from my album – ‘Funeral Procession of Time Part-Ⅲ’. 2011. Tokyo, Japan.
Time6#010, Selected from my album – Funeral Procession of Time Part-VI ‘ Push the Limits’. 2011. Tokyo, Japan.
Time9#047, Selected from my album – Funeral Procession of Time IX – ‘Beyond the Infinity’. 2010. Tokyo, Japan.
Time11#010, Selected from my album – Funeral Procession of Time XI – ‘Towards the Within’. 2009. Tokyo, Japan.
Time11#033, Selected from my album – Funeral Procession of Time XI – ‘Towards the Within’. 2011. Tokyo, Japan.
Time12#046, Selected from my album – Funeral Procession of Time XII – ‘The End of Words’. 2012. Tokyo, Japan.
Time12#068, Selected from my album – 時の葬列 Funeral Procession of Time XII – ‘The End of Words’. 2012. Tokyo, Japan.
Time16#088, Selected from my album – Funeral Procession of Time XVI – ‘Following the Sun’. 2013. Tokyo, Japan.
UB3#121, Selected from my album – ‘Urban Beauty B&W – The Third Impacts’. 2011. Tokyo, Japan.

Q&A with Osamu Jinguji

Photography is…
…a block of the times and spaces drifting in parallel

Photography and writing is…
…my ID and a meaning of my exsistence in this world

Who left the biggest impression on you?

Tell us a little about yourself
Basically, I have neither purpose nor goal in my life. I love a ‘simple’ life. I take a photo, change it to my original arts and make a lot of people inspire by them. It’s an endless cycle I hope and it should be a never-ending story for me. And, I wish I could live out my life as a unique artist with great satisfaction.


Osamu Jinguji (website), 1962, Japan.
Now, I’m a photo artist and a creator but my first career as an artist is an actor and a model. After their activities for 5 years, I retired owing to bad health. After taking over 25 years of twists and turns, I made a decision to live as an artist again and finally selected to become a photographer which I like the best of ever and fit my current life style very much. So, it means that, living, as a photographer, must be my last resort to survive in this world.

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