Pieter Hugo ‘Kin’

Inside the Bester’s home, Vermaaklikheid, 2013 © Pieter Hugo

Inside the Bester’s home, Vermaaklikheid, 2013 © Pieter Hugo

From January 14th to April 26th 2014, Fondation HCB in Paris is showing “Kin”, the last project of the south-african photographer Pieter Hugo. Through landscapes, portraits and still life photography, the photographer offers a personal exploration of South Africa.
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Pieter Hugo depicts locations and subjects of personal significance, such as cramped townships, contested farmlands, abandoned mining areas and sites of political influence, as well as psychologically charged still lives in people’s homes and portraits of drifters and the homeless. Hugo also presents intimate portraits of his pregnant wife, his daughter moments after her birth and the domestic servant who worked for three generations of Hugo’s family. Alternating between private and public spaces, with a particular emphasis on the growing disparity between rich and poor, Kin is the artist’s effort to locate himself and his young family in a country with a fraught history and an uncertain future.

Pieter Hugo (born 1976 in Johannesburg) is a photographic artist living in Cape Town.


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