Himanshu Attri, 3 poems

@ Veronique Poczobut (studionegativo.com)
@ Veronique Poczobut (studionegativo.com)
@ Veronique Poczobut (studionegativo.com)

djHimanshu Attri born in 1996 in Delhi India is a student of high school from science stream preparing for IIT Engneering exam and a Victim of Cerebral Palsy by birth. He had written many poems in English & Hindi Language. He has been on air on All India Radio for poem recitation, and published some poems in leading hindi magazines.

A Last Run

A last run
to have a fun
to lift a head
in worthy sky
All my friends
its time to fly

Pack your bags
and lusty gears
dry your fear
and wipe up tears
open the boxes
throw off toxins

Clean your feathers
and get together
align your dreams
in a single stream
ignore those of far away
conquer those just on way

Now all you have
is a holy head
use it of
to make a shed
where you’ll live
your hole life
from twenty fives to eighty five

All my friends
its time to fly …

Oh god

God ! you took something that should never end
Picked a flower from my hand
You tried to hide something from me
You tend me to bow down on knees
You take my arms , you take my charms
You take myself and let me in
But give me my loving dear
Give me god and wipe my tears
oh god I am not crying alone
Everyone cries from dusk to dawn
Everyone blames your name alone
At least you should come to mourn
They talk about your mighty power
You took a flower within hour
Who made you such mighty king?
Who stolen it and thought he wins?
Give me back ooh give me back
Or never give me such a thing


Thinking of my past
Don’t know how long it lasts
Thinking of mistakes
You ever know what it takes
Millions of my seconds
Some meals of dining hall
The best grades in fall
Freaking late fights
Than screaming over nights
Scrawling on my bed
Bumping my head
And don’t know when I slept
Deep in my minds depth
But I’ll not bother long
I accept I went wrong
And I am reading this song
If there is some hope
Than neither you can stop
I am flying kite
And you are sailor of your boat
And once you break my thread
A storm will come

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