10,000 Monks

10,000 Monks, photo essay by Anthony James Bennett

Every year 10,000 monks make the journey to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand for the alms offering.
The monks start arriving by 6 am for a 7am service before alms are offered at 8am.
This essay is the setting up, arriving and the service before alms.

Q&A with Anthony James Bennett

Photography is…
The way I see the world through my lens at any one  particular time. We don’t take food, we make food the same way me make a photograph, mixing light with subjects and objects and adding just a touch emotion to provide the finished article.

Photography and writing…
Photography I have a passion for, I see a something out the corner of my eye and I can capture it in an instant. Writing I can teach but my imagination does not run so wild that I can put a photograph into words and come out with the same feelings.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
William Eugene Smith.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am blowing in the wind. I never settle anywhere for more than two years and I am always looking for that next adventure. Makes me a loner and a little anti social but I love life and being in the thick of nature. When I am not capturing the wonders of the world through my lens I am teaching English to whoever wants to learn and having fun doing so.

anthony_bennett_-1Anthony James Bennett, 1969, freelance photographer from Scotland. Being an avid hobby photographer from his teens he has always had a camera close at hand during his travels. Self taught and always learning he ventured into professional photography in 2013. With a passion for black and white photography he travels (a lot) and shoots.


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