Waterproof, Sara Munari

For this work, I was inspired by both the Bulgarian folklore tales, and urban legends that blow over the city of Sofia. A meeting between the sacred and the profane, unvoiced sounds that ‘talk’ to each other allowing me to play the voice of the spirits of the city. Each image is a small independent story that attempts to express rituals, lies, secrets and melancholy. The capital offers a “waterproof” scenario to me, a planet where it is difficult to walk light, a spectral beauty wraps the city where live togheter: sadness, beauty and extravagance.
A grotesque simulacrum of the human condition.

Q&A with Sara Munari

Photography is…
The way an author expresses himself explains an event or story that until then, had never been played with that style and interpretation.

Photography and writing…
I always thought that photography and writing traveling together. If a text accompanies a photo project, it may be useful as a clue for those approaching the author’s work . If a small text accompanies every single immage of the project, the quality of work depends on the penetration logical, conceptual and harmonious between the two.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Since the beginning of the history of photography, the author who impressed me is Martin Munkacsi. Then Koudelka, Brassaï, Anders Petersen, Sarah Moon and many more.

Tell us a little about yourself
I knew photography very late, when I was 30 years old. Today I teach visual communication and the history of photography, in some cases reportage. My biggest inspiration are my students stimulating me visually with their vitality. Since I began expressing myself with Photography I always tried to interpret every story with passion and professionalism. Now I have the fortune to travel around the world and produce works that are exhibited in Italy and abroad. I feel blessed and I hope it continues for much longer.

sara-munariSara Munari ( Born in Milan in 1972. Lives and works in Lecco, Italy. Professor of History of Photography at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan.She exhibited in Italy and Europe in galleries and museums of contemporary art. In 2009 she released his first book “Ocean India.” In 2011 the second “Non solo badanti”. She is portfolio reader’s in National Competitions and Festival. Gets awards at national level. She has fun with photography, that loves and respects!


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