Fallen, photo essay by Frank Trimbos

Fallen is a serie portraits of residents who are living on a remote squatter camp in the province Freestate, South Africa. These people are living on or under the poverty line and are considered as ‘white poverty’.

White poverty is still a controversial subject in South Africa. The number of poor whites has risen steadily in the last years. They see themselves as victims of ‘reverse-Apartheid’ and they feel that this places them under an even greater disadvantage than the millions of poor black South Africans. Others say it is a sign that South Africa is finally approaching racial equality.

Q&A with Frank Trimbos

Photography is…
Photography is my way of understanding people, of getting more insight into the different lives people lead and the choices they make.

Photography and writing…
Although they are linked I see writing as a necessary evil that can make or ruin a story. It runs parallel with the photos but I strive that it will never overtake the visual. Words can quickly become subjective, whereas I want people to look at photos with an untainted, open mind in order to create their own story.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
The people I met when I was first introduced to photography. They showed me the power and the beauty of photography and the stories it can tell. Because of their passion and vision about their profession, they truly introduced me into world of photography. This marked the first steps of my own future in photography.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m born and raised in the Netherlands. In 2010 I decided to relocate to South Africa in order to work there as a freelance photo journalist. I’m fascinated about the variety of stories in this country. What’s business-as-usual for one person can be special and unusual for another. Therefore, I love experiencing and exploring the South African every-day life and capture social stories. My main focus is revealing the stories behind the observations, and my aim is to capture these stories through photography.

FrankFrank Trimbos ( 1978, Netherlands, is a documentary photographer in South Africa.
In 2010 Frank went from The Netherlands to South Africa where he began to experience the South African everyday life, capturing social issues and exploring marginalized communities. Frank is represented by Redux Pictures.

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