Megaliths!, Dominique Philippe Bonnet

The megaliths are indelible marks of our shared history! They are enthroned in our land for thousands of years and have been silent witnesses of our human passions they saw wars, the creations of nations, the advent of technology, anything that has succeeded in our history for over 5,000 years.

Today they are forgotten by all after being sanctified by greedy men of religion and mysteries. Often lost in low traffic areas, they will still be around in 5,000 years and will tell our own short-lived stint…

Q&A with Dominique Philippe Bonnet

Photography is…
De tous ceux inventés par l’homme, c’est le moyen le plus efficace pour conserver quelques traces du temps qui passe …
Of all the means invented by man, it is the most effective way to retain some traces of passing time…

Photography and writing…
La Photographie est en soi une écriture à part entière. Elle a son propre vocabulaire, sa propre grammaire.
Photography itself is a way of writing: it has its own vocabulary, its own grammar.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Des membres de ma famille, des amis, des personnes que j’ai rencontrés, des peintres dont les œuvres m’ont ému, des écrivains dont les livres m’ont fait rêver, et bien sûr des photographes ! De nombreux photographes !
Members of my family, friends, people I ‘ve met, painters whose works have moved me, writers whose books have made ​​me dream and of course photographers! Many photographers!

Tell us a little about yourself
J’aime la Photographie, son mystère, et sa différence qui ne la fait ressembler à aucun autre mode d’expression. Le lien de la photographie avec le temps qui passe est à la fois essentiel et singulier.
Je photographie toujours en noir et blanc. Selon les sujets ou les circonstances, j’utilise un film argentique ou un appareil numérique.
I love Photography, its mystery, and its difference that makes it look like no other mode of expression. The relationship of photography with the passing of time is both essential and singular.
I always photograph in black and white. Depending on the subjects or circumstances, I use a traditional film or digital camera.

Dominique Philippe BonnetDominique Philippe Bonnet ( I was born in the 60s and started very early to practice Photography. I work exclusively in black and white , sometimes digital but often with silver film. My subjects concern life, my meetings, my discoveries.
I participate in some exhibitions in Europe and I live and work in Poitiers, France .

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