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Photo Exhibition

Fotografia Totale | Romano Cagnoni

Hazmat, 30 years old, Grozny, 1995 Romano Cagnoni
Hazmat, 30 years old, Grozny, 1995 Romano Cagnoni

Photo exhibition: Romano Cagnoni | Fotografia Totale
Venue details / Address: Centro di Documentazione del Territorio, Via Nazionale 07020 Palau, Sardinia, Italy | Official Website: www.isolecheparlano.it | Event date: from 11-09-2014 to 30-09-2014 | Opening hours: from 10 am

Photography is total when it tells, with visual impact, the course of existence (Romano Cagnoni)

[T]he eighteenth edition of the Festival “Isole che parlano” is hosting the exhibition of Romano Cagnoni, an internationally recognized and awarded photographer, and one of the most important of the twentieth century. His photographs have been published on the covers of major newspapers and magazines in Europe and in the United States. His exhibitions have been appreciated all over the world and he has published 16 books.

The exhibition, made in collaboration with the Ogros Association, shows the clear contrast between tragedy and irony, war and peace, at a glance. Cagnoni decided not to expose the many portraits of celebrities he made, but to give voice to common people. The photographs are particularly intense, the composition and contrasts always cause a strong emotional impact, 44 prints (4 colour and 40 black and white) of variable size, 10 large format on aluminium (nine images 70×100 cm and one of 80×132 cm) and 34 framed prints (of dimensions of 30×45 cm). This exhibition of Roberto Cagnoni is scheduled in the programme of the Festival Isole che Parlano.

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