Train of thoughts

Train of thoughts, Abdo Shanan

I believe there are two worlds, one physical we live in, the other is subjected to what we might feel or think; a realm somewhere between reality of the physical and fiction of the thoughts.
In a life where travel is persistent, home feelings or belonging could be absent; will sentiments accompanying travel persist? Will wonderful views preserve their glow, or joyful chats keep their promises? An endless train voyage, as it is a journey inside a mind laden with questions and doubts; where reality is not only physical but also fictional.

Q&A with Abdo Shanan

Photography is…
For me photography is not only a reflection of reality as it is , but also the reality as we feel it. In more personal perspective photography is a medium where I reflect on world around me as well as on myself; trying to express my own views on matters in my environment.

Photography and writing…
Because most of my work is intimately personal, writing is an essential part of my work, a fact I have discovered with my series “train of Thoughts”. I believe writing can give photography a whole deferent dimension it gives verbal strength to the visual strength a photograph already have.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
It is not the who that leaves an impression on me it is what the who does.

Tell us a little about yourself
A Sudanese Algerian photographer based in Oran-Algeria, I have a degree in telecomm engineering. A dreams addict and classical music fanatic. Who really I am is something can be found in my work.

AbdShaAbdo Shanan (official website) Born in 1982 in Oran – Algeria for Sudanese father and Algerian mother. Until 2006, he studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Sirte, Libya. In 2012, he completed an internship in the Magnum Photos agency, giving him the opportunity to reflect on his photographic approach and make his first story for the Rukh magazine.

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