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Sara Naimpour | Best of our memory lies outside of us

Sara Naimpour, Best of our memory lies outside of us. PRIVATE 58, p. 58-59 (58-61)
Sara Naimpour, Best of our memory lies outside of us. PRIVATE 58, p. 58-59 (58-61)


Throughout the years that I lived in Tehran, I was always intrigued by two kinds of places. Places where my pleasant or unpleasant memories echoed themselves in, and places which may have only been a simple passageway, but their color, light and being became outstanding to me for any reason. Inspired by Marcel Proust’s Lost Time, this series is a reminder of all those times, places or my “outer me” and an effort to capture myself in “them”.

Q&A with Sara Naimpour

Photography is…

To me photography not only is a means by which I can possess pieces of the world and portions of time as objects and as souvenirs; but also an ideal means to speak visually.

Who left the biggest impression on you?

In my photographs my drawing teacher Samila Amirebrahimi, who is a professional Iranian painter has influenced me the most. I have always admired the ambiguity and blurred compositions in a low key-light setting of her paintings. Her cityscapes of where I was born and raised, very well explains the city’s political atmosphere as well as the artist’s personal life experiences. I also find Hannah Starkey’s staged photography of middle-age women marvellously motivating. And certainly my photography teachers have always motivated me with their words and guidance.

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born in 1986 in Tehran, Iran. Having completed my undergraduate studies in photography at University of Tehran and industrial design at Azad University of Art and Architecture, I gained my practice-based knowledge in both fields of art and design. Upon graduation in 2011, I moved to Toronto, where I currently live and work.

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Sara Naimpour

Sara Naimpour is a multidisciplinary visual artist born and raised in Tehran, Iran, based in Toronto, Canada. Naimpour completed her BFA in Photography at the University of Tehran, and BDes in Industrial Design at Art & Architecture University in Tehran. She is a recent MFA graduate from the Documentary Media program at Ryerson University.

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