Hamed Sodachi | Bewitched

Hamed Sodachi, Bewitched. PRIVATE 58, p. 36-37 (36-41)

Hamed Sodachi, Bewitched. PRIVATE 58, p. 36-37 (36-41)


Prostitutes, child laborers, narcotic addicts, rubbers, run away girls, immigrant from other towns and villages, unemployed and homeless families seek refuge from cold winter nights in public buses that are operating all night long in limited routs.

There are several reasons that these people chose the public buses for overnight sleep. Consumption of adulterated chemical substances that cause psychological and behavior abnormality results in lack of utilizing the designated shelter. Lack of sufficient space for rehabilitated addicts in these shelters. Lack of operating budget for these shelters.

I shall be free When everyone in the world is free. (Jean-Paul Sartre)


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