Maximilian Tomozei | Stilled Lives

As i walked into the room i felt the joy of reuniting with something familiar i once saw as a child.
That feeling disappeared…
The idea of contemplating nature is no longer possible so we have to implant man-crafted reproductions.
Bukowski once said: Find what you love and let it destroy you; we found what we love after destroying it.
The photos was taken in Stockholm Sweden at the Biologiska Museet in July 2013.

Maximilian TomozeiMaximilian Tomozei ( was born in Transylvania, Romania in 1986 during the communist period. When his family moved to France in 2002 he chose to study photography as a stepping-stone for becoming a journalist like his parents. He has been taking pictures ever since. He is currently living in Paris and working on fine art series focusing on modern society impact.



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