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This Project, Where they Belong, metaphorically focuses on the worldwide phenomenon of development, industrial expansions and its consequences, shown as a study of the Mahan Forest and the 62 villages which are dependent on this forest reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India. The Mahan forests have not yet been destroyed and the lush canopy of trees still harbours significant biodiversity. But beneath this forest lie 14 years worth of coal reserves – the area is now allocated to Mahan Coal Ltd for mining.

The indigenous communities and their social, cultures life centred around the Mahan forest will be adversely affected by this surge in consumption. The tribals are trying to hold their ground against the inevitable and yet are preparing for the exodus, knowing in their hearts that their forest will be snatched away from them, sooner or later.

Hence what has commenced is a trend of rural to urban migration and the social problems associated with a sense of poverty that accompanies such laboured displacement.

What lies at stake is a forest which is an integral part of their identity, of who they are & where they belong.

Vinit Gupta-1 Vinit Gupta “For me, Image is a direct expression of the world we live in, of what we See and experience as participants in that world. I have always been interested in the interaction between human beings and our environment. My photographs are an exploration of this relationship. I am Documentary Photographer based in Delhi, India.”



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One Response to Vinit Gupta | Where They Belong

  1. Alok Surya 24 August 2013 at 8:04 am #

    No amount of appreciation is enough to honor those tribals who are trying to hold their ground and the guys like you are putting so much effort to make people aware about issues like this.
    But question is until or unless they have to be the part of growth or they have to bring themselves or we have to bring them in the main stream of the society. Because time demands changes either this way or that. …..
    kudos to u Vinit for this wonderful work.
    what is the solution for a country like India where people are divided in to two parts one who is victim of hunger and another victim of indigestion?

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