Gabriele Orlini | Minimal histories

“Walking becomes the road”, wrote A. Machado.

And the Patagonia is the right place to walk, to lose themselves in their own certainties and take for themselves the right of their doubts.
Minimum histories is the stage of a journey, an meeting with the Men who breathe the land at the end of the world.
Stories told with a Mate in hand, sharing the sacred drink of the Argentine hospitality, in the long evenings of the Patagonian pampas.
Simple men, anachronistic in certain cases, but absolutely current.
Minimum histories, as a narrative, telling the story of each and every one of these stories are the stories of all of us, our fears that are raised in each covered with a dark night sky with stars endless; of our dreams and thoughts of the future that every sunrise take light to hole up behind a new Moon.

Is a story about Thomas, 24 years old, who comes from the far Cornwall to Patagonia to feel less alone, and leave the horses his thoughts.
Is a story about Ricardo, 46 years old, the guardian of the gates of the land where life is made and consumed.
Are also the stories of Javier, Bernardo, and Santiago; small stories as the reality of their sheep and their little eyes.
Minimum histories was made in a single day in the area of El Calafate, Patagonia (Argentina) in the February 2013.


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