Rohit Gautam | Plight of Hindu Refugee from Pakistan

A group of Hindu families that came to India from Pakistan two years ago lives at a temporary shelter in a makeshift camp at Majnu Ka Tilla in North Delhi. There is a shortage of basic amenities including food, clean drinking water and education.

This group of 30-odd people living at Majnu Ka Tilla are from Sindh province in Pakistan, where there is forcible conversion of those from the minority community.
Workers from the minority community are not paid minimum wages and the rich Hindus have to endure extortion and live in the fear of being kidnapped for ransom. They all have crossed over to India are born and brought up in Pakistan. They recall by talking about their friends who are still facing the problem in Pakistan.

Hindu refugees from Pakistan are living in unhygienic conditions at Majnu Ka Tilla in North Delhi. The Pakistani Hindus refused to go back to their country due to rising extremism there. The male members of the family are selling cell phone covers to make the living of their family and childrens. Some of them also work as a fruits seller near Majnu Ka Tilla in North Delhi.

479 persons original residents of Sindh Province of Pakistan arrived in Delhi as pilgrims on pilgrims visa in three batches of 229,222 and 29 persons on 10.03.2013, 18.03.2013 and 27.03.2013 respectively are provided shelter by Mr.Nahar Singh in Delhi.

Despite all the sufferings inherited since birth in Pakistan these Hindus refugees faced a lot of problem. Hindus living in Pakistan doesn’t enjoy equal Human Rights as compare to Muslims living there. Hindus are not allowed to do any Government job in Pakistan.
If, somehow, a fellow Hindu manages to get a Government job, he is subjected to unprecedented partiality and discrimination by his Muslims seniors.


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