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I come back to my hometown in december 2009 to spend Christmas with my family. And then I never moved again. Just few days before, more than 130 political refugees who were asking for their rights, decided to occupy an old school in Bari, called “Socrate”. Having no kind of help or rights, they used to live in the streets and squatting that empty building seemed to be a great idea. In the absence of immigration policies and reception procedures, self-organization was the only way for them.

It’s very important to remember that all the immigrants that arrive from Africa in Italy, are seen in a very suspicious way in a nation day by day more intolerant, on the brink of the precipice, cultural and economic: in Italy while the economical default is almost reached, cultural default is already “achieved”.

One of my best friend was one of those fools who helped them organizing the cohabitation, so I decided to go with him and have a look.
In this way I met the antifascist movement in Bari, absolutely the most defining meet in my life.
From then on I documented the daily life of young men and women whom, with a disarming candour, were trying to change the current state of affairs. I have followed them during manifestations for human rights, demonstrations for better immigrants’ conditions, in the course of squatting to solve the housing emergency, when they organized concerts, or when they had to go to the hospital, in the streets were they endlessly have to reaffirm the fight against fascism, that is forbidden by the Italian law, but practiced as power’s tool and within political parties, unashamedly “nostalgic”.

After three years witnessing the fascism phenomenon and the unbelievable growth of resources and general media consent around it, I learnt that at every step I’ll be in danger, that weapons such as solidarity and knowledge aren’t enough against such corrupted legislative body but “the concerned photographer takes side” and so do I.
Having to face racism, militarism, repression all mixed up with violence and threats, makes yourself a man on the wire and put you on the verge of the perpetual battle between good and evil: deeply in the neverending story of the human nature.


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