Arko Datto | Nighttime Cattle Camp

Maharashtra experienced one of its worst droughts this year. The districts of Thane, Satara and Vidarbha were among the worst hit. Promised aid and relief from the Government hardly found their way to the common man, lost in the many tiers of bureaucracy that have been put in place. Many have been forced to migrate to the cities of Pune and Maharashtra. Yet, from a despondent portrayal of continued neglect from the officials, there arose a picture of resilience in the face of such insurmountable adversity.

Drinking water is scarce in Mann Taluka.
To lose cattle due to drought is a financial disaster and means the loss of the main source of income for whole families. In order to help affected farmers in the face of governmental apathy, the Mann Deshi Foundation has started a Cattle Camp on its own accord. It provides free fodder and water for all cattle whose owners do not have the means to feed them anymore. The situation is so grave that people are coming to the Cattle Camp not only to feed their animals but also because water is made available for them to cook food for their family.

The images here are part of an ongoing documentation of the Drought in Maharashtra. The series attempts to highlight the plight and consequent resilience and response of Man in the face of a precarious and ever-changing environment. The images here have been taken using moonlight and the few lamp-posts provided at the Camp.


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