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The train Station in Ostende. Most of the migrants arrive by train. March, 2012

They call themselves the invisibles. Impossible to be sure how many they are in Ostende and around, certainly more than we can imagine. Coming from all around the planet they end here on the Belgium coast, where the railroad ends.
One motivation: getting to England.

Ostende is the perfect place for this, there is only one line: Ramsgate – Ostende.
But they are also stuck in Ostende. No money, no shelter, impossible to go further or to go back. They wait here hoping to get a boat that will sail them to freedom and a better life.
Small help is provided by a social center, harassed by the police, going from the mosque to the prison, the squat to the harbour… It’s the daily life of a illegal migrant in Ostende.

Souvenir from Greece. One of the major entrance into Europe. April, 2012

“V” for victory. The usual sign. Yes we will pass. May, 2012

Some shelters or squat are so hidden you have to climb or crawl to get access to the place. Even this can be dangerous. April 2012

One of the police checkpoints for the trucks. All trucks are examined in this room or warehouse with all the detection tools existing to track illegal migrants. March, 2012

All they wan is going to England and London. Meanwhile they dream of it. April, 2012

Migrants in Ostende as all around the world live where they can. A abandonned house, without windowglass, electricity or water is fine as far they can hide and avoid the rain. March, 2012

“We are no robbers or rapers or bandits, we just want to have a normal life and to work”. March, 2012

“Most of the time you wait, you rest before trying the boat again and again”. April, 2012

Without anything to do, the parc is a good place to spend some time. April, 2012

Finally, some illegals took the chance of crossing the fences and run towards freedom….or the police. April, 2012

…without title. April, 2012


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