Stuart Matthews | In Search of Hope: Climate Displacement in Bangladesh

Located in the corner of southern Asia, bordering between India and Burma. The people of Bangladesh bear witness to the continued destruction that climate change is having on their densely populated country every day. Communities in this poverty stricken, low-lying country have experienced the destruction of two Cyclones in the last five years, this region is prone to severe flooding from glacier melting from the Himalayas coupled with seasonal Monsoon rains. Each year thousands of people are uprooted and forced to take refuge in makeshift shelters along the embankments throughout the country as they seek to escape the wrath of Mother Nature.

With the Kyoto agreement reaching its expiration date at the end of 2012 and with global leaders yet to extend the agreement, the future for combatting Climate Change remains unknown. What does remain clear is that communities living on the frontline of Climate Change will continue suffer as the world’s climate becomes even more unpredictable, with rainfall becoming more intense and droughts becoming more extreme. Climate displacement is not a problem for 2030, 2040 or 2050. It is a problem now and one that needs to be addressed with decisive action being taken to provide a solution to these extreme shifts in climate that we all face.


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