Suyeon Yun | Incomplete Journey

Suyeon Yun, PRIVATE 52

Suyeon Yun, Incomplete Journey. PRIVATE 52, p. 8-9


North Koreans have been crossing the border into China in search of refuge since the height of their famine in the 1990s. Seeking resettlement, the majority of North Koreans transit through a host of other countries before finally settling in South Korea, as a final destination of hardship journey. Incomplete Journey was made over three years and focuses on North Koreans living in South Korea.

The photographer employed North Korean refugees as interviewers, location scouts and directors of photography. Together, they worked to locate the Korean War and its living social context, nearly 55 years since the war had been stopped and forgotten.

(Suyeon Yun | Incomplete Journey, PRIVATE 52, pages 8-13)



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