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Dan Savery Raz | The Leaders

Grozovsky, Belarus - May 2017

Ah, these are the leaders
These are the leaders –

Madmen in suits.

Believing in numbers, percentages and sanity
Drawing bar-charts to rationalize tanks and air strikes.
Using ‘intelligence’ to fool themselves
with White Papers and dossiers
In dimly lit corridors they meet in murder;
It is not just us and them. I want

An end to war
another world was possible

It has been said, once it was true –
Violence breeds violence.

The lunatics with their economies
Protecting. The lunatics with their rocket launchers
Projecting. Leaders are leading us down
the road
to ruin

we are going   going…

© Dan Savery Raz, The Leaders (From PRIVATE 47, p. 25)

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