Olivier Culmann | La marée noire de l’Erika

PRIVATE 37, p. 20-21 (20-25)

PRIVATE 37, p. 20-21 (20-25)

Olivier Culmann, La marée noire de l’Erika, from PRIVATE 37 – an Ecological Question

1999, France
A photographic work about the black tide, the oil that came ashore after the wreck of the tanker called Erika (France, 1999). The photographs were taken in Belle-Ile en Mer (Morbihan), in Batz-sur-Mer, in Le Croisic (Loire-Atlantique) and in Bouin (Vendée); they show the volunteers (and the Army) at work, the consequences of the black tide on the environment, and the “oily birds” in the makeshift clinic in Belle-Ile en Mer.


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